Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Angels & Babies

Another NICU reunion:

Roxie & Emy... Roxie is a very special person to us. Roxy was Emy's nurse at the beginning & middle of her 3 month stay at the hospital. Roxy was our/Emy's advocate, information central, a listener and a constant tissue provider (I think I cried every time I visited)! As some of you know, one of the nurses would occasionally sing to Emy during her shift...yep, you guessed was Roxy. Forever and always one of our favorite people. P.S. She's due to have her first child in December...congrats to her!

Some of our favorite people...Emy's NICU nurses & rt's! They not only helped Emy get through the biggest struggle of her life, but they helped us more than they know.

Goodness, we love these people! Can you tell?! My heart overflows...

The newest member of our family...introducing Kael (proud dad Ben - my cousin - & proud momma Elise)! Congrats Ben & Elise...the newest little family in our big one!


Chris said...

She so cute. Her pouty little lips just kill me!

Roxie said...

Hey Angie, it's Roxie! I love the pictures! You guys are so sweet. I just love you guys. I hope we can always stay in touch. I will definitely check up on the blog to see the girls growing up. Such a beautiful family. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear how you guys are doing!
...By the way, I'm going to be having a little girl!!